Welcome to Silkys Garden

Fresh, Handcrafted, Luxurious, Natural Health, and Beauty Products for Today's Lifestyle

Step into Silky's Garden where my mission is to introduce living through beauty and health in ways that are accessible, affordable, and adaptable to people's lives. Empowering people to reclaim true health and find renewed enthusiasm for creating harmony in their bodies, mind, and spirits naturally.

We offer a choice for those with a desire to live more naturally and healthy. Here you will find the definitive in natural and organic skin care. Where only the best botanicals from around the world are used to formulate our De Leon line with body and soul in mind. Our Skin Care line offers a truly delectable experience for those with exquisite taste.

With my product line I have tried to address the needs of women (and men and children too), at a cost that is affordable and superior to comparable products on the market. In today's lifestyle we are increasingly busier and need products that reflect our lack of time, but still address our desire for healthy and natural ingredients.

Our products are handcrafted in small batches and not mass produced. We bring our supplies in fresh and every order is custom made when you order it not from a shelf in some warehouse.

Compare our ingredients to any competitor and you will see a significant difference in the natural and organic ingredient quality as well as the selection. Natural plant and vegetable-based oils, natural minerals, distilled spring water, Vitamins A, C & E, Emu Oil, Shea Butter, Dead Sea Salts, Green Tea, Fruit Extracts and pure Essential Oils are just some of the exceptional ingredients we use in our creations.

All of our products are free from petroleum and animal derivatives (with the exception of Emu Oil, which comes from the Australian Emu bird). No testing on animals! Though they are safe to use on your pets.